On Friday, February 17th, 2023, four interns of ACROSS laboratory have presented their work (using GAMA) within the fourth monthly seminar.

1. Modeling and simulation of fire evacuation in public buildings – IBANZI KILONGO Christian

The main goal is to provide an intelligent agent-based model to simulate the fire evacuation in public buildings.

Specifics goals (1): To provide a simulation model based on a time-line that simulates the different processes that happen before, during
and after the evacuation and that allows pedestrians to use either the stairs or the elevator during the crisis situation.

Specifics goals (2): The implementation of a script written in python language to automatically generate a ShapeFile (.shp) from an image in order to be able to import it directly into the GAMA simulation platform.

Tools used: Gama; Pycharm (Python); Qgis.

2. The Impact of prevention programs on key populations for the reduction or elimination of new HIV infections in Cameroon – Ing. Pascal J. ABA M

The main goal is to propose to the health authorities the combinations that are likely to have the best results.


 Find Cameroon key populations
 Inventory the prevention programs in Cameroon
 Maped of key populations
 Studying HIV/AIDS prevention
 Illustrate two examples of HIV/AIDS prevention
 Find the articles on HIV/aids modeling
 Study different models of HIV/AIDS prevention
 Propose a model of a multi-agent HIV/AIDS prevention system

3. Building an agent based fishery model – Do Manh Dung

The main goal is that the model will be used as a decision tool to determine fish policies, in particular about marine protected area.

Simulation Fish Boat
Parameter Movement Movement
Local capacity Local catching radius
Local density Catching rate
Local density radius Yield
Birth/death rate
Behavior Move randomly Move randomly
Birth/death rate with probability proportional to the rate and local density Catch fish in a local radius proportional to the rate and the number of fish in that radius

4. Researching new ways of interacting with the GAMA software in Virtual Reality – Nguyen Anh Quan


– Formalize and implement a way of communicating between the gama platform and unreal engine 5

– to showcase the first task:

+ create a demo gama model that will only take care of computing the model evolution

+ create an unreal engine demo game that will only take care of displaying the gama model in real time

– prepare some documentation to make it easier for people to understand his work.

Two deliverables:

  • Deliverable 1: Is the C++ classes and their documentation that can be used to establish communication with gama from unreal engine 5. The classes should make it possible for any unreal engine gama to easily call all the commands of gama-server, as described in the gama online documentation.
  • Deliverable 2: a complete working demo showcasing the communication between the two softwares. It includes a gama model written in gaml, an unreal engine game that will display the gama model in real time, and a small report explaining how to use it. Everything will be hosted on github for better maintainability and the code should be as clear as possible and well documented.

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