On Friday, 17th of November 2023, ACROSS has participated in the Annual Scientific Conference organized by Thuyloi University. ACROSS team has introduced the serious game RAC which was developed for waste management in Bac Hung Hai area (click here to learn more about RAC) which is supported by the VR headset allowing the players to have a better experience while playing. The using of VR headset is also the main tool of the project SIMPLE which will develop, with partner schools in the Lower Mekong countries (Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam), a set of “sustainability metaverses”, i.e., educational solutions based on the integration of immersive virtual reality environments (virtual universes, or VU) with serious games and scientific simulations.

The booth of ACROSS welcomed the Vice Minister and the delegation of Thuyloi University to come experience this exciting game. It also received attention from numerous visitors, especially students of the university.