5 Internships in Computer Modeling and Simulation



The internships proposed in this call will take place within the ACROSS international laboratory in Hanoi (http://across-lab.org) which undertakes research on the use of computer models and simulation for the participatory management of large socio-ecosystems in Vietnam.  ACROSS is conducting a number of exciting projects in 2023, among which the development of the GAMA modeling platform (http://gama-platform.org) and we seek excellent candidates in computer science, data science or AI to join us for Bachelor or Master internships.


Five general topics are covered this year in the lab. They can be tailored to build subjects that fit the needs and calendar of the interested candidates:

  • Development of extensions that allow to drive AI and machine learning tools from GAMA, in particular for proposing high-level tools within the platform (automated model generation from descriptions, automated commentaries, image processing, etc.)
  • Development of a web interface that allows users to easily build dashboards to remotely control and visualize GAMA simulations (on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Electron).
  • Development of easy-to-use modeling tools (graphical editors, etc.), user interfaces (GUI design, data visualization, etc.) and pedagogical methods to facilitate end-user learning of GAMA
  • Development of tangible interfaces to enable users to interact physically with GAMA simulations (see HoanKiem Air at https://across-lab.org/application/completed-projects/)
  • Implementation in GAMA of models linked with the major projects of the team: adaptation to climate change, pollution control, urban development, fisheries management, irrigation systems management, etc.


An interest in modeling and simulation of complex systems, data science, or AI is important. Software development skills are required; knowledge of various computer languages would be appreciated, especially Java for development on the GAMA platform. Fluency in English is required.


The candidates will be hosted full-time in the ACROSS laboratory during the internship (which can last between 3 to 6 months, starting anytime in 2023, with possibilities of extensions, ).  A financial support (internship allowance) and working facilities (computer, etc.) will be provided.


If you are interested and would like to apply, please send a CV and a cover letter to across@tlu.edu.vn. All applications will be processed on a rolling basis (no specific deadline) and interviews will be held with the most interesting profiles.