Marseille, France – Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Doanh, Co-director of ACROSS, and Mrs. Phung Diep Anh, participated in the second edition of LMI Days, held in Marseille on June 25th and 26th, 2024.

The event, organized by the French Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD), focused on the theme “Water as a Common Good: Towards an Integrated Vision and Sustainable Solutions.”

Promoting Partnership and Sustainability

LMI Days serve as a platform to strengthen research partnerships in the South, particularly through the IJL program. IJLs encourage collaborative research projects between scientists from developing and developed countries. ACROSS’s participation in LMI Days reflects their commitment to collaborative research that addresses regional water challenges.

Mrs. Valérie Verdier – Chairwoman of the board and CEO of the Research Institute for Development (IRD) – is giving her opening speech

Sharing Knowledge and Building Solutions

The focus of LMI Days 2024 aligned perfectly with ACROSS’s mission. The event featured plenary sessions, workshops, and presentations by young researchers, all centered around finding sustainable solutions for water management.

Participants were divided into 4 groups of discussion to discuss water-related questions in the 4 workshops namely: (1) Scientific fronts: Impacts of global changes on the water cycle, (2) Scientific fronts: Water and health, (3) Partnership: Strengthening the response to major contemporary water issues in the South Asia, and (4) Partnership: Towards the emergence of innovation projects. These workshops were organised in an interactive way which allowed all participants to attend these four workshops, to share their experiences and ideas as well as to learn from others which facilitated the networking among researchers and actors from different backgrounds.

The results of these working groups were then shared during the second day of the event where participants could eventually add their comments and express their interest in specific subjects for further collaboration.

Dr. NGUYEN Ngoc Doanh was invited afterwards to share his feelings on these workshops and discussion and had shared how he was impressed by the interactive way of organisation as well as his appreciation to meet his old colleagues, to meet new ones and to learn and share his knowledge on Water governance. This also reminded him of the time when he was doing his PhD thesis in France as for former PhD students and now junior/senior researchers in the room.

A round table on Water governance was then organised which received great interest from the audience and created a platform for discussion and sharing experience on real-life cases study in South Asia.

Speakers of the round table (from left to right): Jean-Phillippe VENOT from G-EAU, IRD, Aryal DEEPAK from Tribhuvan University, Nepal, Indu JAYALUXMI from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India, Bich Ngoc TRINH from University of Technology of Hanoi, Vietnam, and Chanthol PENG from Institue of Technology of Cambodia.

Highlighting Young Researchers

LMI Days 2024 featured a segment called “LMI Pictures,” where young researchers presented their work. Ms. Diep Anh, representing ACROSS, had the opportunity to showcase her research on the participative approach in sustainability science through this platform.


This is the second time that the LMI Days was organised following the success of the first edition.

The insights and connections formed at LMI Days 2024 are expected to contribute to the development of innovative and sustainable water management strategies. ACROSS’s involvement in this event highlights its dedication to promoting scientific collaboration for a better future.

Read more about the LMI Days on IRD’s website here.