The International Joint Laboratory ACROSS successfully held its monthly Interns Meeting on May 31st, bringing together both on-site interns and online participants. This meeting served as a valuable platform for interns to showcase their ongoing research projects and foster collaboration across different research areas, reflecting ACROSS’s commitment to interdisciplinary research.

The agenda for the meeting highlighted the diverse range of topics interns are exploring:

  • Generative AI Tools: The meeting opened with presentations on applying generative AI tools to both code generation (Ngo Phuong Anh) and image/environment generation (Rémi Ducottet & Adossehoun Kossi Josué).

  • The SIMPLE Project: Presentations followed on the development of a web interface for the SIMPLE project (SANDANI Moyeme Jammel & BAZIE Ibsèn Giovanni) and the construction of a flood model in Quang Ninh province, which will be used to design a virtual reality game as part of SIMPLE (Pham Gia Phong, Dang Thanh Loi, Dang Quang Nguyen – they couldn’t attend and therefore their supervisor, Patrick Taillandier, presented on their behalf). The pedagogical aspects of SIMPLE were also addressed by Nguyen Gia Bach.

  • Sustainability and Mobility: The meeting shifted focus to sustainability with Ekaterina Balashova and Tran Thi Quynh Anh’s presentation on models of sustainable fisheries. Inès Langlet and Truong Tuan Nghia presented on using data from local authorities and Moov’Hanoi surveys to generate a GAMA model of multimodal mobility in Hanoi, populated with realistic synthetic populations.

  • Socio-Environmental Issues: Mai Nhat Minh presented on surveys conducted to determine socio-environmental issues of the irrigation system in DUC HOA.

  • Creative Endeavors: The meeting concluded with a presentation by former intern Louis Martinez on his work with music generation driven by motion capture.

This successful meeting demonstrates the breadth and depth of research being conducted by ACROSS interns. By showcasing their work and fostering collaboration, the interns are laying the groundwork for future advancements in various fields.

The meeting was followed by a pizza lunch when everybody continued to discuss and networking. This is also to say goodbye to Ngo Phuong Anh and Nguyen Gia Bach as this marked their last day of internship at ACROSS. The laboratory wish both of them best of luck for their future endeavors.