From knowledge gained from the last field trip in Pham Tran Commune, Gia Loc District, Hai Duong province, ACROSS team has decided to go back to this district to proceed further assessment activities in 2 different communes: Pham Tran and Thach Khoi.

A semi-structured interview campaign was led in these two communes which share quite similar pollution issues but represent different specific geographical and social characteristics. 43 semi-structured interviews in total were conducted with various categories of stakeholders from local authorities (people’s committee), pumping station agents, inhabitants to farmers with more interviews were conducted in Phạm Trấn (25 interviews) than in Thạch Khôi (18 interviews).

The ACROSS team was assisted by five students and one teacher from Thủy Lợi university. The interview’s corpus should then be analysed using the methodology of analysis of content, which consists of identifying subjects in the stakeholders’ discourse and determining their statistical importance. This methodology is used widely in social sciences in order to “validate modalities of intelligibility of reality” (Wanlin, 2007). The result will allow a better understand the relationships between stakeholders and the issues that seemed important to them.