Hanoi, Vietnam – On January 29th, key players from the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD) and the Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD) convened at Thuyloi University for a coordination meeting focused on the STAR FARM project.

The STAR FARM project, aiming for a “Smart Agro-ecological Transformation of Farming Systems towards Resilience and Sustainability in Middle and Coastal Zones of the Viet Nam Mekong Delta,” brings together a consortium of expertise. The meeting, held at Thuyloi University’s ACROSS Lab (175 Tay Son, Building A1, 5th Floor), served as a platform for IRD, CIRAD, and a representative from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) – Mrs. PHAM Thuy, STAR FARM Coordinator – to solidify their roles and pave the way for collaborative project execution.

The agenda prioritized introductions, fostering a sense of camaraderie and understanding amongst participants. Following introductions, the project itself took center stage, with a presentation outlining its goals and the specific contributions expected from each partner. This segment, potentially led by Thuy, aimed to ensure clarity and alignment amongst all parties.

Next, Alexis Drogoul from IRD delved into the specific activities his institute will be undertaking, detailing the content and anticipated outcomes. Similarly, Philippe Tixier from CIRAD followed suit, presenting CIRAD’s role within the project and its planned activities.

Following a well-deserved coffee break, the focus shifted towards collaborative efforts. A dedicated discussion segment tackled the crucial issue of project coordination. This included brainstorming methods to ensure smooth collaboration between IRD, CIRAD, and other project stakeholders. Additionally, the meeting addressed the role of Can Tho University (CTU) within the project, aiming to define a clear path for their involvement.

This initial meeting signifies a crucial step forward for the STAR FARM project. By fostering communication and establishing a collaborative framework, IRD, CIRAD, and FAO have laid the groundwork for a successful and impactful project in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta.