The International Joint Laboratory ACROSS buzzed with a different kind of energy on March 13th, 2024, as all current interns gathered for the lab’s first-ever Interns Meeting. This initiative aimed to foster a sense of community and collaboration among the young researchers.

The meeting provided a platform for interns, both new and familiar faces, to introduce themselves and share their experiences. Senior interns discussed their ongoing projects, offering insights into the diverse research being conducted at ACROSS. New interns, fresh-faced and eager, had the opportunity to ask questions and learn from their more experienced colleagues.

Beyond introductions, the meeting fostered a space for open discussion. Interns shared their impressions of working at ACROSS, highlighting the lab’s strengths and offering suggestions for further improvement. This exchange of ideas is crucial for creating a collaborative and supportive research environment.

The success of the first Interns Meeting paves the way for future gatherings. ACROSS recognizes the importance of supporting its intern community, and this meeting signifies the lab’s commitment to providing a nurturing environment where young researchers can thrive. The meeting will be organised on a monthly basis which will allow interns to share working progress and learn more from each other.

Below are a few photos of the meeting:

The meeting was led by Dr. Alexis Drogoul – Co-Director of ACROSS


The meeting welcomed interns and their supervisors

Each year, ACROSS welcomed a number of interns coming from different universities in France and Vietnam with a variety of nationalities creating a multicultural working environment.

Detailed information about each intern as well as other laboratory’s members can be found here.

ACROSS in 2021 ACROSS in 2024

ACROSS team is growing over time and offering a great working environment to their members.