After two years of online meetings due to preventive measures for the Covid 19, members of UMMISCO Vietnam eventually had the chance to gather for an onsite meeting hosted by the Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA) at their premises in Hanoi, Vietnam on Friday, 3rd June 2022. The meeting also welcomed participants from UMMISCO international network, IRD and ACROSS – International Joint Laboratory on Advanced Computational Research for Sustainability Science. Different stimulating research projects had been presented by both members of UMMISCO Vietnam and guest researchers from Thuyloi University and VNUA. From there, interests for potential opportunities of cooperation have been shared, particularly between VNUA and ACROSS on smart agriculture.

Discussions on different activities of UMMISCO Vietnam have been introduced at the end of the meeting with emphasis on future opportunities for its’ members through different supports of UMMISCO network, the organisation and development of UMMISCO Vietnam as well as the next meeting which should be organised after the international UMMISCO meeting in November 2022.


Meeting Agenda