Between the 4th and 7th of July 2023, the city of La Rochelle (Nouvelle Aquitaine, France), hosted the 54th edition of ISAGA (International Simulation and Gaming Association) conference. This year, the cycles of conference focused on “Simulation and Gaming for Social and Environmental Transitions”. The ACROSS lab was accepted to communicate on the first results provided by the use of RÁC, a serious game built to foster social dialogue in the Bắc Hưng Hải irrigation system on the matter of waste management.

The research was presented on Thursday morning (06/07/23) during session 10, entitled “Play for social and environmental changes: focus on farmers as players”. It was the occasion to present the game, to justify its use, present the first results, and have inspiring talks with the other panelists, also working with farmers with participatory simulations and serious games. The presentation was then followed by a discussion between the six panelists from session 10, answering questions from the public.

Finally, participating in ISAGA 2023 allowed us to follow up or discover inspiring research considering the way to approach gaming in research in developing countries, from design and conception to ethics and actual use.

Lab’s attendee: Léo Biré (

The conference proceedings: “Simulation and Gaming for Social and Environmental Transitions. Proceedings of ISAGA 2023 Conference. Becu, N (Ed.). La Rochelle University, September 2023. ISBN: 979-10-415-2760-1.”

Films of the whole conference:

Film of session 10: