On Thursday, January 18th, the ACROSS Joint International Laboratory buzzed with excitement as its talented interns presented their research at a captivating seminar. The event showcased the breadth and depth of the laboratory’s work, with each intern delving into a unique and impactful topic.

Mai Nhat Minh kicked off the presentations at 2:00 PM, captivating the audience with his exploration of the Duc Hoa irrigation system. His insightful analysis shed light on the system’s efficiency and potential for optimization, sparking engaging discussions about sustainable water management practices. Minh started his internship at ACROSS in Sept 2023 and is an undergraduate in Anthropology from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University in Hanoi. His internship aims to carry out anthropological research on the power collaboration of the farmers and the state in the irrigation systems of Vietnam, which focuses on Bắc Hưng Hải and Phước Hoà irrigation systems.

Rounding out the presentations, Tran Ba Kien shared with the audience his observations on the design of a Unity template for coupling VR games with GAMA. Kien is currently a student of South Australia University and has just started his internship on Dec 2023.

The dynamic duo of Ngo Phuong Anh and Louis Martinez then took center stage, unveiling their groundbreaking work on generating GAMA models from prompts. Their presentation showed a novel method for automatically constructing complex GAMA models based on textual descriptions, opening up exciting possibilities for accelerated research and development. Louis Martinez is a master’s student in computer science at Télécom Paris. Louis is an intern in ACROSS lab since September 2023 for 6 months, he has been working on adapting GAMA models to VR environments.  Phuong Anh is a final-year computer science student at HUS University who is passionate about AI and aspires to work in the field. She started her internship at ACROSS recently on December 2023.

Léon Sillano continued the momentum, delving into the development of a middleware to facilitate software coupling with GAMA. His innovative solution promises to streamline the integration of external software with the GAMA platform, fostering greater collaboration and efficiency within the research community. Léon is a master student in computer science at Télécom Paris. He’s an intern at ACROSS lab from Sept 2023 working on coupling Gama models with other platforms of modelling.

Last but not least, Nghia took the stage and transported the audience into the realm of environment generation from satellite images. Nghia’s innovative approach highlighted the potential of this technology for creating realistic and immersive virtual environments, with applications ranging from urban planning to game design. Nghia is a student at the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi and started his internship at ACROSS in Nov 2023.

The ACROSS intern seminar was a resounding success, showcasing the exceptional talent and dedication of the laboratory’s young researchers. The diverse range of topics covered and the depth of each presentation left a lasting impression on the audience, highlighting the laboratory’s commitment to cutting-edge research and its potential to revolutionize various fields.

The seminar welcomed not only its current members but also Jean-Daniel Zucker – Director of UMMISCO via Zoom who shared his interest and appreciation in the presentations. Future interns of ACROSS also attended the event and had the chance to present themselves and learn more about the laboratory.

ADOSSEHOUN Kossi Josué, SANDANI Moyeme Jammel, and BAZIE Ibsèn Giovanni – students from International Francophone Institute (IFI), Vietnam National University

Dang Thanh Loi, Dang Quang Nguyen, and Pham Gia Phong – students from Thuy Loi University

Le Hoang Phuong Anh – Student from Anthropology Faculty, University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH), Vietnam National University

This event serves as a testament to the vibrant research environment fostered at ACROSS and its dedication to nurturing the next generation of scientific leaders. With such talented and innovative minds at the helm, the future of ACROSS and its contributions to the scientific landscape appear brighter than ever.