Time: 19/10/2022 to 23/10/2022

Venue/Location: VIASM, 157 Chua Lang street, Dong Da, Hanoi, Vietnam

1. Objective or Description of the Scientific Content:

The conference is a scientific forum for mathematicians and modellers (such as experts,  managers applying mathematical modelling) to share new ideas, methods and results in the field of mathematical modelling for climate change and environment. The conference takes place in two days: October 21-22, 2022It will be preceded by courses on computational fluid dynamics and dynamical systems and its application to population dynamics in order to provide some important knowledge in mathematics which will be used in applied projects. It will then be followed by invited talks from experts from Vietnam and abroad on the theme.

The conference program includes invited talks from leading national and international experts. Parallel to the conference, from October 19-23, 2022, is an exhibition of mathematical models towards sustainable development issues and a roundtable discussion on advanced computational research and its application to climate change and environment, issues related to training and strengthening human resources, publications and interdisciplinary cooperation in this theme as well as to the creation of Vietnamese network for mathematical modelling. This is one of the activities to promote application of mathematics dedicated to the International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development 2022  by UNESCO and the United Nations.

2. Date and Venue:

  • Dates: 19-23/10/2022
  • Venue: VIASM, 157 Chua Lang street, Dong Da, Hanoi, Vietnam

3. Expected participants and requirements for participants

  • Mathematicians
  • Modellers
  • Stakeholders
  • Policy makers
  • Researchers
  • Students majoring in Mathematics, Earth Science, Meteorology, Hydrology and environment.

4. Co-host institutions:

  • Vietnam Institute for Advanced study in Mathematics (VIASM)/Vietnam
  • UMMISCO, IRD/France
  • Thuyloi University (TLU)/Vietnam
  • VNU University of Science, Hanoi (VNU-HUS)/Vietnam
  • Vietnam Academy for Water Resources (VAWR)/Vietnam.

5. Organizing and Program committee

  • Ngo Bao Chau (VIASM, Vietnam);
  • Prof. Lê Minh Ha (VIASM, Vietnam);
  • Prof. Nguyen Ha Nam (VIASM, Vietnam);
  • Prof. Nguyen Ngoc Doanh (UMMISCO, IRD, France & TLU, Vietnam);
  • Trinh Quang Toan (UCDavis, US & VAWR, Vietnam).
  • Scientific secretary: Dr. Pham Tat Thang (TLU, Vietnam)

6. Link and deadline for Registration

– Link: here

– Deadline for registration: 12/10/2022

– Deadline for financial support: 5/10/2022

7. Language: English

8. Contact:

News about the Conference: