Starting from Oct 2022, ACROSS will organise monthly scientific seminar which will bring together experts from different sectors who will come and share their knowledge at the premises of ACROSS.  Each seminar will be followed by a lunch for all participants which will allow free discussions and networking.

The first seminar has successfully organised on Oct 12th, 2022 at ACROSS laboratory, 5th floor, A1 Building, Thuyloi University, 175 Tay Son, Hanoi starting at 10am.

Agenda: Videos available below.

10h00 – 10h10: Reception
10h10 – 10h50: Network science approaches to study collaborative learning and solving – Marc Santolini – including Q&A (Video)
10h50 – 11h30: Presentation title to be confirmed – Liubov B. Tupikina – including Q&A (Video)
11h30 – 13h00: Networking and lunch


Liubov B. Tupikina: Liubov is a researcher working in complex systems. Her main areas of research are complex networks, processes on networks and how to use them in urbanism, for anlaysis of data, especially data from various NGOs. She is co-leading several projects analysing transport in cities, green areas in cities, random walks modeling for understanding cities infrastructure.
She has a PhD from Humboldt University in Theor.Physics. She worked before in Utrecht University, IFISC, and several institutions in France: Centre of Research and Interdisciplinarity, Saclay, Ecole Polytechnique, B.abs France.
Her scientific projects are also listed on the project page at:

Marc Santolini: I am a long-term research fellow at CRI Paris and visiting researcher at the Network Science Institute in Boston. I am also the co-founder of Just One Giant Lab, a nonprofit initiative aimed at developing decentralized open science using smart digital tools. I majored in theoretical Physics and minored in philosophy of science at ENS, Paris. I followed up with a PhD in the Statistical Physics Department of ENS investigating gene regulatory networks using tools from physics and machine learning. During my postdoc at the BarabasiLab of Northeastern University and the Division of Network Medicine at Harvard Medical School, I have investigated the networks underlying biological systems at all scales, from network medicine (protein interactome analysis) and personalized medicine to hospital network analysis, to the making of biology by studying the iGEM competition, an international student competition of synthetic biology. Since my arrival at CRI Paris, I have been studying collaborative learning and solving using network approaches on large empirical datasets, with the end goal to develop tools fostering collective intelligence for social impact. Apart from the lab, I enjoy playing music (all sorts of guitars and world percussions) and exploring the bottomless pit of weirdness that is the internet (Ben Levin, Bill Wurtz…).

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For more details about the seminar, please contact: Baptiste Lesquoy, Email:

The next seminar will be organised on 9th November 2022 also at ACROSS laboratory. Further information will be available shortly.